Where are you based?Cambridge, UK.Why do I need a photographer? Can't I just take pictures on my phone?Yes, you can! I definitely agree that phone cameras have become very powerful. But a photographer has a couple of advantages over using your phone. First, the ability to change the lens on an SLR camera is a huge advantage, letting me choose the right lens for the right situation. For example, a macro lens is best at capturing tiny details, while a wide angle lens is better for group shots. Second, I shoot in a specific file type, called RAW. This captures massive amounts of information, enabling me to create the perfect photo. And finally, it takes the pressure off you, so you can just enjoy the moment!How much do you charge?Cost is tied into length and location, so this will vary by event.As a guide, an event of two hours will cost £60, which includes editing of up to 200 photos. These will be shared with you via a private gallery on this website.Can you take pictures in any weather?As my camera gear isn't waterproof, I am unable to take pictures in inclement weather. In the unfortunate event that it is raining at your outdoor event and a dry location is unavailable, I will return all costs already paid.How do I access my photos?I will send you a link to your personal gallery via email. Alternatively, click on the 'Private Gallery Access' tab in the top right of your screen, and enter your email address and password.How long does it take to process the photographs?Processing photos is split into three parts - sorting, editing, and sharing.SortingI can take hundreds, if not thousands, of photos at a single event. So, sorting through these images can take anywhere from a week to several months. While time-consuming, this process is necessary to ensure each picture is the best it can be.EditingThe carefully selected photos are then edited to bring out the details. As every image is unique, this ranges from brightening to converting to black and white. Whatever the photo needs to make it shine.SharingAnd finally, I need to export the photos into a shareable format.If you have any concerns about timings, I'm always happy to discuss them with you.